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We are dedicated to providing great care and attention to matching you with a surrogate mother and creating a joyful and easy surrogacy journey. 
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Family Building


There are several ways that you can build your family through surrogacy. Here is a brief explanation of the methods that we can assist you with. 

The Process

A step-by-step look at what the surrogacy process entails. 

GLBT Surrogacy

GLBT parents face special challenges and obstacles in the surrogacy process. It is important for GLBT parents to match with a surrogate who is supportive of working with a same sex couple.

Surrogate Requirements

All of our special surrogates have to meet certain requirements and testing. 

We have a great surrogate benefit package available to all of our amazing surrogates. This package will benefit you & your family while you are giving someone the greatest gift! Contact us today for more info! 

International Surrogacy

The Surrogacy Group, LLC, welcomes clients from all around the world.  We enjoy having the opportunity to help international couples and individuals build or expand their family.