Thank you for visiting The Surrogacy Group, LLC. We are here to guide you through your surrogacy journey and to support you through every step of this incredible endeavor. Our experienced and caring staff will carefully coordinate your surrogacy process.  Many of our associates have been through the process either as an intended parent, surrogate or donor. We will provide you with exceptional service by not only connecting through our shared personal journeys but also utilizing our extensive knowledge of the infertility field.


The Surrogacy Group, LLC, was established to help traditional couples, gay couples, and single males and females both in the US and around the world build and/or expand their families. We are here to make the surrogacy process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


We are dedicated to providing great care and attention to matching you with a surrogate mother and creating a joyful and easy surrogacy journey. It is so important that you are comfortable with the agency that you choose. We tell every client that they are stuck with us for life due to the close bonds that are formed during the journey. We are here to be your advocate and we will be here each step of the way!