What is gestational surrogacy?
Gestational surrogacy is done via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where fertilized embryos are implanted into the surrogate's uterus. In cases where the intended parents can't produce the necessary sperm or eggs, donor egg and sperm or donor embryos may also be used. In order to prepare for the embryo transfer, the surrogate is usually put on a protocol by the fertility clinic that involves months of daily hormone injections to regulate her ovulatory cycle and build her uterine lining. In many states, including; Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Massachusetts & many others. The intended parents are able to obtain a pre-birth order so that their names go directly on the birth certificate. In other states, such as Virginia, the birth certificate is amended after the child is born.


How many babies have been born through The Surrogacy Group?

We have had almost 456 babies born with The Surrogacy Group.

Who is eligible for the Surrogacy Program? 
We work with couples, singles, same sex couples from the USA & anywhere in the world. 

Will I be able to select the gender of my baby?
You may participate in gender selection prior to embryos being implanted into the surrogate. This depends on the Fertility Clinic and/or your Physician. 

What is the screening process like?
You will fill out a surrogate application. We will then call you to discuss your application and obtain additional information from you. You will be require to sign forms so we can obtain your medical records and you will also do a phone interview, In person interview and we will conduct a criminal background check and reference check.


How much contact will I have with the Intended Parents? 
This depends on what type of relationship you are looking for and your Intended Parents. Some Intended Parents will want lots of contact during your pregnancy. Some will want to go to appointments and talk to you on a weekly basis. Other Intended parents want little or no contact because they might live in another country and cant speak English very well. We encourage open communication no matter the distance or time zone. 


Do you work with gay couples and lesbian surrogates?
Yes, we do work with Gay Intended Parents and also Lesbian Surrogates. We believe that anyone can be a parent or surrogate regardless of Race, Religion, or Sexual orientation.


Do you work with couples who don't speak English? If so, how will I communicate with them?
We do work with couples who speak little or no English. We have coordinators who speak their language and we also have translators that will assist us in communication.  These intended parents are especially grateful for surrogates who match with them. They understand that the language barriers can be difficult.  

Do we need a contract with our surrogate?
This is a requirement & It is important to have a binding contract between the parties. The surrogacy contract will outline the parties' rights and responsibilities including; compensation, contact during and after the pregnancy, confidentiality, views on abortion and selective reduction, and the number of embryo transfers or artificial insemination attempts.


I was wondering if you work with overseas fertility clinics? Can I still be eligible to travel if I have never been outside the country? Do I travel alone? 
Yes, we do work with other clinics outside of the US. The surrogate will travel overseas and have the embryo transfer, and then come back home for the duration of the pregnancy. The travel expenses will be covered 100%. We only work with a select few clinics that we know & have visited ourselves. You will still be eligible to travel, even if you have never left the country. We will help you with obtaining a passport. We require that you have a companion travel with you & we will make sure you Skype/Facetime with the clinic so you are comfortable. We also assist with shipping embryos/ Eggs & Sperm to other Countries & to the USA ONLY if they meet the FDA requirements prior to freezing. 

What kind of medications can I expect taking as a Gestational Surrogate? 
All clinics are different and all have a slightly different protocol but they will all require you to take some form estrogen and progesterone for up to 12 weeks if pregnancy is achieved. These can be taken either by injections, patches, pills, suppositories or a combination. Some clinics will require you to be on birth control pills before any cycling starts and some clinics may require you to be on Lupron which is in injection form. 

Will all the fees be paid upfront?
No, you will be paying your fees throughout your surrogacy journey. Your surrogate’s fees will be put into a surrogacy escrow account. You will need to approve payment before it is sent to your surrogate.  You will receive monthly account statements.  

I am a surrogate, will I be paid on time?
Yes, our Intended Parents are referred to a 3rd party escrow agency. The escrow agent has a contract with your Intended Parents to make sure that you are paid on time each month. Also, the escrow agent will pay any testing/pregnancy related medical bills that you receive during surrogacy journey.

What kind of legal assistance will we have? 
We will refer you to a reproductive law attorney to draft your surrogacy agreement and obtain your birth order.  

I am not an US citizen, how do I bring our baby back to our home country?
Your lawyer will obtain your baby’s birth certificate with your names on it, passport, and Visa if needed. Your baby will automatically be a US citizen because he/she is born here. 

How long does it take to find an egg donor and surrogate mother?
It generally takes us between 2-8 weeks. We work hard to match you as quickly as possible. 

What are your hours and how can I reach you?

Our call-in hours are 9-4 Monday through Friday. We have an answering service for after hours. The answering service will send us a message to call you back. You may also call, text or cell phones any day or night.


Have you ever had a Surrogate keep a baby?

NO. We get this question a lot. We make sure that you are matched in a state where Intended Parents are protected.


How do I know that my Surrogate is doing what she needs to do?

We have a close relationship with our Surrogates. We require that they check in and we also check in with them. We also obtain OBGYN records while she is pregnant.


How do I tell my friends and family that I want to become a Surrogate?  

It is so important that you support from your loved ones. We think honesty is the best answer. Tell them how much you would like to help someone and list your reasons for doing it. We are also happy to speak to you loved ones about the process and what your role will be as a surrogate mother. We have a support group with our surrogates so you can get to know one another & get support from them as well.