Many surrogates have their own insurance policies that have no surrogate exclusion and will cover the surrogate pregnancy and delivery. The intended parents will be responsible for the insurance co-pays.  

However, more and more insurance companies have surrogate exclusions in the policy and will not cover a surrogate pregnancy and delivery. It's important that your surrogate’s insurance policy is read carefully to identify these exclusions.  If your surrogate’s insurance policy has an exclusion, you will need to purchase a new insurance policy for your surrogate.  You will also be responsible for the insurance co-pays. 

If you are an international intended parent, your surrogate’s insurance policy will not cover your child or children.  Its important that you procure an additional policy to cover your child or children. If you do not purchase a policy to cover your child or children, you will be responsible to pay out of pocket for any necessary medical fees. These fees might be very high if your child or children are born early and need extra care.  Your own job might provide international insurance coverage.  But if it does not, we recommend purchasing a policy that covers your child or children.