"The Surrogacy Group has been a pleasure to work with.  The Surrogacy Group offered to meet with me and 

my husband in the early stages when he was on the fence about me becoming a surrogate.  The couple I was 

matched with fit my family so well.  Through the process of surrogacy, nothing has come as a surprise because I had great people working with me letting me know what to expect every step of the way.  Every time I have 

asked a question, I have received a clear answer promptly.  The Surrogacy Group also has a private Facebook group where I have received lots of support and made new friends with other local surrogates.  Helping a 

couple create a life, when they cannot do so, is a magical experience you will be proud of for the rest of your



 "I have completed 3 journeys with The Surrogacy Group. I absolutely love Greg & I could not imagine going through process without him. The entire team is amazing & took care of everything. I am know a retired surrogate but I still keep in touch with Greg since I have known him for 8 years!"

                                                                                  Surrogate M



"Working with The Surrogacy Group has been a wonderful experience. They are a supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable group of individuals that truly care about the people they

 work with. With them I am more than a number, I am a person. Thanks to them I was 

matched with a wonderful set of IFs and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience!"


"I did three journeys with The Surrogacy Group. I really wanted to become a surrogate to help someone and I have done that 3 times thanks to The Surrogacy Group. I spoke to so many agencies and not one them was anything like The Surrogacy Group. They listen and they care about you and they do everything they can to make you comfortable. I am a retired Surrogate now but I would go back to The Surrogacy Group if I could. Thank you to everyone."


"Greg and Deanna are wonderful. They answer emails quickly and phone calls and texts within the hour. I deliver next month and this has been the best experience for me. I cant wait to see my Intended Parents reaction on delivery day. Thanks Deanna and Greg."



"From the moment we first connected with The Surrogacy Group, we were put at ease. The staff were incredibly caring and attentive. We could always reach them with any questions or concerns throughout our journey. I would recommend TSG without hesitation to anyone considering building their family through surrogacy."


"Thank you to the entire team at The Surrogacy Group. You made this process go smoothly and stressfree. We will contact you in October for our next journey."

A & S

"Greg and Deanna were so involved and proactive that all of my concerns were unnecessary. During a medical scare they communicated with the clinic for me and delivered news to me in such a thoughtful, compassionate manner. They knew just when, what, and how to say what needed to be said to all parties and I'm forever grateful to them!"


"After many unsuccessful attempts in the past, my wife and I decided that an IVF project with The Surrogacy Group would be our last try to build a family. But, IVF projects are expensive and so I was worried if we would have success. This worked out very well because The Surrogacy Group recommended for us an affordable clinic with high success-rates. We are international parents from Europe, where in most countries, the laws are different and it is not possible to build a family via surrogacy. I was worried if after birth I could obtain proper documents and establish my parental rights. Now I’m glad that with guidance from The Surrogacy Group and help from our wonderful surrogate, all legal issues are solved and the babies can live safe and in peace here."


"Thanks, Greg, you have been amazing throughout this whole process."


"One of my biggest worries when becoming an intended parent was that I wouldn't be at all equipped to help with another woman's pregnancy--from knowing almost nothing about the medical concerns to fearing I wouldn't have the bandwidth to handle her emotional concerns."

"Embarking on our surrogacy journey is the most important thing we've ever done in our life. We were well prepared, knowing that there are many variables to consider and many things that can rock the boat on our way to achieving our goal. Our journey is not an easy one and there has been a lot of rocking and shaking.... We went through some difficult times but it's only then that you can really realize the value of the agency that you chose to accompany you in this journey. The Surrogacy Group has been there for us from day one, holding our hands, not letting go. It is the one value that never changed, the one certainty we had and could count on. The personal care, the abundant knowledge and extreme professionalism and efficiency have helped us through hard moments. We never felt alone and though we are international Ip's, the distance was never an issue and we knew we could reach out and find immediate support, advice and solutions. They are present throughout every stage, and go with you way beyond the first matching process. Embarking on such an incredible adventure you realize that a part of it's success is about surrounding yourself with the right people. Our coordinator, Deanna, is in that sense more than we could ever have hoped for; Her concern, encouragements, genuine empathy and affection, are probably an important part of why we never thought of giving up, and of why today we are so happy. We are pregnant. The joy and excitement are overwhelming. She is there to support that as well. On our road towards happiness we are lucky to have met such a wonderful person. Maybe that is what The Surrogacy Group is about. Making you feel that you are not just a client and recognizing the real value of your journey: how intimate, precious and marvelous it is."


"I have been struggling for 5 years with infertility. My Physician told me that I need to have a donor and a surrogate. The fertility center gave me a list of agencies. I called them all but I knew that The Surrogacy Group was the one for me. Greg has been through the process and truly understands the emotions and how I was feeling. I could text him or call him any day any time and he always had a way of comforting me. He has such a calm voice and I feel like talking to a old friend with me. He was also my surrogate husband during the process. I am happy to talk to anyone who wants more information. I would shout from the rooftop if I could. My twins are now 4 years old and I owe it all to Greg at The Surrogacy Group and my amazing surrogate."


"Thank you to the entire staff at The Surrogacy Group. I do not know if we would ever become parents without you & J (Surrogate). We suffered from miscarriages, inseminations, IVF and nothing worked. Dr. L told us it was time to consider surrogacy. We did our research & it was overwhelming & expensive. We spoke to 4 agencies & we really enjoyed talking with Greg. He simplified the process for us & we also liked the fact that you can call him during the evening or on weekends. The staff & J have been so wonderful to us & our baby girl was born almost 13 months after we signed on with The Surrogacy Group. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you x10000000. God Bless each & everyone of you!"                                                     

                                                                                  M & S