Becoming a surrogate is a miraculous decision. Hear from some of our surrogates on why they chose the surrogacy journey. 

Why I decided to become a surrogate..."

"After becoming a mom, I couldn’t imagine someone else not having the same opportunity!"

-Surrogate "D", VA


"I wanted to be a surrogate because I have family members who could not have babies. They turned to adoption when a surrogate wasn't available in our family. I knew at that point once I had my own kids, I wanted to help another mom."

-Surrogate "D", MD


"I wanted to be a surrogate because I love being a mom myself and I think that everyone deserves the chance to experience parenthood, if they want it."

-Surrogate "J", MD


"I wanted to be a surrogate because when I was in High School my best friend and thought she wouldn't be able to conceiving. I also wanted to share the joys of parenthood with those willing to do whatever it takes to have a family they always dreamed of!!"

-Surrogate "C", MD


"I wanted to be surrogate because my babies are getting bigger by the day and my husband and I were done having kids of our own. The year was going to pass regardless, why not help someone else that came so easy for me? It was a win win situation, and I came out of it so incredibly changed for the better! More appreciative of what I have. It was amazing!"

-Surrogate "C", CO


"I wanted to be a surrogate because I've known people who have gone their whole lives not being able to have kids and I knew I wanted to give a gift that is so valuable to somebody because I knew it would bring them great joy."

-Surrogate "K", CA


"I wanted to become a surrogate because at a young age I became a mother. My pregnancy and early motherhood forced me to grow up extremely fast and step out into the real world. When I was in my late 20's I started having thoughts of having another child but was unsure if maybe it was just hormones & the whole 'biological clock' tale... I decided to look into surrogacy. 7 years & 3 families later, I am confident that surrogacy was for me, it filled the void & completed life for not only me, but IPs as well."

-Surrogate "S", CA


"I have always wanted to be a surrogate because I was adopted and always wanted to help a family to have their dream come true, just like my dream came true and a family found me. Being a surrogate is the greatest thing I have ever done, when I gave birth to a baby boy and the family saw him, they were so thankful and happy. That made my life complete. I can't even explain the feeling of helping a family out that couldn't have children on their own."

-Surrogate "F", PA


"Helping create a child's life is the most amazing thing you can do for a couple in need. I know it will be one of my life's greatest accomplishments, just like having my own children were."

-Surrogate "A", PA


Here are a few more reasons why surrogates sign up to become a surrogate:


  • They know someone who has struggled with infertility and that motivated them to help others

  • They had easy pregnancies and deliveries 

  • They are done having children but want to help someone else

  • Many surrogates have "becoming a surrogate" on their bucket list

  • They are motivated by a friend or family who is also a surrogate

  • Stay at home mom's want to help but also want to be able to save money and buy a new home or save for a college fund